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“I love to use my eyes to seduce a man,” Zuzanna says. “Just about any woman can seduce a man the easy way. There are so many methods we could use, as women. Stop and think about it. Say you talk to a man. Talking dirty to him is one way to get into his head, make him want you, make him practically burn for you. They say that men are visual, and sure, if you’re an attractive woman, sometimes you don’t have to say much. But most men really respond when you talk to them and say dirty, nasty things. I think they’re keying in on the fact that you like sex as much as they do. Most women at least pretend that’s not true. ❤ I think that’s why some girls get so threatened by women who obviously enjoy sex. They know that men want women who enjoy it as much as they do, and they respond to that.”